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Channels Available by Antenna

This list of channels includes all channels that could potentially be received in the GTA and Kitchener-Waterloo. Which channels you can receive depends on many factors, such as proximity to each transmitter, your elevation, land formations and other obstructions, the type of antenna used and the accuracy of the aim, sources of interference in your area, effective grounding of the antenna cable, and whether you use an amplifier.

Because there are so many factors to consider in optimising reception, we do not provide a quote without visiting your location and performing a signal test and site survey. This visit is free and there is no obligation whatsoever. We do this so we can explain all your options and give an accurate quote and a description of the reception you can expect. All of our work is warrantied, so you can feel confident that if you have any problems, we will return as many times as necessary until you are satisfied!

To view TV schedules for channels available in your area, go to http://www.ontvtonight.ca .

Click here to download a PDF of this channel list.

2.1 WGRZ (NBC) Buffalo

2.2 Antenna TV Buffalo

2.3 Justice Network TV Buffalo

2.4 Quest TV Buffalo

3.1 CTV2 Barrie

4.1 WIVB (CBS) Buffalo

4.4 LAFF Buffalo

5.1 CBC English Toronto

6.1 CIII Global HD (Paris transmitter)

6.2 CIII Global SD

7.1 WKBW (ABC) Buffalo

7.2 LAFF Buffalo

7.3 Escape Buffalo

7.4 Grit TV Buffalo

9.1 CFTO (CTV) Toronto

10.1 CTV2 London

11.1 CHCH Hamilton

13.1 CKCO (CTV) Kitchener

15.1 Star Ray TV (Toronto only)

17.1 WNED (PBS) Buffalo

17.2 Think Bright Create (PBS) Buffalo

17.3 PBS Kids Buffalo

19.1 TVO (CN Tower)

22.1 TVO (Baden Transmitter)

23.1 WNLO (CW) Buffalo

23.2 Bounce (CW) Buffalo

25.1 CBC French Toronto

26.1 TCT Buffalo

26.2 TCT HD

26.3 TCT Family

29.1 WUTV (FOX) Buffalo

29.2 TBD Buffalo

29.3 Charge TV Buffalo

31.1 City TV (Woodstock Transmitter)

35.1 CTV2 Barrie (Hamilton Transmitter)

36.1 YesTV Hamilton (Formerly CTS)

40.1 OMNI2 Toronto

41.1 CIII Global HD (CN Tower)

41.2 CIII Global SD

43.1 WNED Classical Radio Buffalo (Audio Only)

47.1 OMNI1 Toronto

49.1 WNYO (MyTV) Buffalo

49.2 Stadium TV Buffalo

49.3 Get TV Buffalo

49.4 Comet TV Buffalo

51.1 WPXJ (ION) Buffalo

51.2 QUBO Children’s TV


51.4 ION SHOP Home Shopping

51.5 QVC Home Shopping

51.6 HSN Home Shopping

56.1 WXBZ COZI Buffalo

56.2 Retro TV

56.3 Rev’n TV

56.4 Throwback TV

56.5 Tuff TV

56.6 Heartland TV

56.7 Buzzr

57.1 City TV (CN Tower)

67.1 WBBZ MeTV Buffalo

67.2 Heroes and Icons TV

67.3 MeTV

67.4 Daystar